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Monday 2 February 2015

Unique Toys O-03 Fenrir - Pictorial UPDATED

Unique Toys are not wasting time, at all. Hot on the heels of their Rippersnapper (Alberich) comes the third of their 3rd Party Terrorcons, the homage to Sinnertwin, designated O-03 Fenrir. The figure takes its name, like the other two Ordin figures so far, from Norse mythology. Fenrir was the giant monstrous wolf described by Icelandic writer Snorri Sturluson (I've been to his monument!) in his famous Edda. Sinnertwin is no wolf, but I can kinda see how they've locked themselves into a limited number of choices based on the mythology surrounding their Not-Abominus. The full TFSource article review for Fenrir will be up in a couple of weeks, but for now enjoy the pictorial of this production sample. Just to let you know where I'm at, I thought Alberich was great and then I got Troll. I thought Troll was awesome until I got Fenrir. This is the benchmark in  he group so far, it's tremendous. Pictures were done literally minutes after un-boxing so please forgive any mis-transformation of minor kibble.

With MMC Felisaber

All the best

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