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Thursday 21 July 2016

Ocular Max PS-02 Liger

Ocular Max - The Masterpiece Transformers-mimicking arm of Mastermind Creations - have followed the example of BadCube and released a toy intended to help fill a very special and specific gap in your Masterpiece Diaclone-coloured ranks, Perfection Series 02 "Liger". This red repaint of PS-01 Sphinx (MP Mirage) is an homage to the 1985 Takara Diaclone Car Robot No.16 Ligier JS11 F1 in red, a toy only available in the spectacularly rare and sought after Powered Convoy DX set. Ocular Max offered this in May initially as a show exclusive, but it is now widely available from the usual 3rd party dealers and retailers.

Monday 18 July 2016

Diaclone Dia-Battles V2 - Full Gallery

Welcome to my full size gallery of the TakaraTomy Diaclone Dia-Battles V2 and the Dia-Battles V2 Prototype figure. You can find the detailed review of Diaclone Dia-Battles V2 on TFSource Blog. I've since added a number of extra Dia-Battles figures to my collection, photographed them all together and with vintage Diaclone figures too. As yet I have not combined all 5 of my Dia-Battles figures for the behemoth I have imagined in my head, but it's not far off! For now, enjoy this 73 image gallery in full size, accompanied by the magnificent soundtrack of Droid Bishop and Waveshaper that inspired me during the photography and writing of the review.