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Wednesday 6 December 2017

Sellers Stealing Images

I've noticed a lot of eBay sellers no longer bother to take photographs of the actual items they are selling nowadays, which surprises me considering how easy apps like eBay Mobile make the process of adding images to auctions. It could also be because there are so many good TF photographers around now, it's easier to pilfer images.

The thing is, I don't always mind helping people out with images for their blogs or sales, but I care when folks don't ask permission. Even moreso when they then try to claim some kind of entitlement based on "It's the Internet" or the age of the photograph. The owner of the image retains the copyright indefinitely, it does not expire.

Don't be someone who will then get called out for bad and thieving practices online, because this is a small community with a long memory. Also, don't drag someone else's name, brand and integrity into your transaction because you were too lazy to take a picture. And most of all, don't be the prick who cuts off the watermark because you KNOW that you are stealing the picture and wish to eliminate credit or backlash.

All the best