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Monday 21 December 2015

Mastermind Creations R-16 Anarchus - Teaser Pictorial

Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-16 Anarchus - the 3rd party version of Decepticon Justice Division member "Kaon" - is here. It's here and it's completely out of this world awesome, that's an opinion I'd save for the full review but there's no hiding it. This is a tremendous figure, and there's just no way James Roberts and Alex Milne will be able to keep themselves from buying/getting one. I've rarely witnessed more personality in a Transformers toy. In lieu of a complete article, please find a teaser pictorial.

Tuesday 8 December 2015

MakeToys MTRM-02 Gundog (MP Hound)

MakeToys, a Japanese 3rd party company producing unofficial Transformers-like products, have a strong reputation for quality and engineering. This year they decided to turn their attention to a very hotly sought-after piece of collector real estate, the Masterpiece Transformers market. First came MakeToys Re:Master or MTRM-01 Cupola (Chromedome), then MTRM-07 Visualizers (Reflector) and now we have their first foray into the holy and sacred world of Masterpiece Autobot cars, starting with Hound who is yet to receive an official Masterpiece release. With Hellfire (Inferno) and Wrestle (Grapple) on the way soon, MakeToys are clearly going for the gaps in the official Masterpiece line-up.

Friday 4 December 2015

Voodoo Robots PS-01 Salus Review

Welcome to the scene, Voodoo Robots Potion Series PS-01 Salus - a Masterpiece-style and scaled interpretation of the Autobot Medic Ratchet. Salus is based on the animation model of Ratchet used in the Transformers cartoon series, as opposed to the other popular incarnations of Ratchet from the Marvel comics or the current IDW comics. With an undeniable level of disappointment visible in the fandom over the Takara Tomy official Masterpiece Ratchet, there is an opportunity for a 3rd party product to slip in there and become a very popular alternative. Is Salus that figure?