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Monday 16 February 2015

Straight Outta Rodion!

Some of the best Transformers fiction...scratch that...THE best Transformers fiction I have ever encountered can be found in the pages of IDW's More Than Meets The Eye monthly comic, written by the oft-mentioned James Roberts. Of those amazing tales, the stories that take place in Cybertron's pre-war past have captured my imagination and allowed my mind to race with possibilities and side-stories not yet told. I was especially in love with the general feel, atmosphere and Roberts's construction of the social picture of Shadowplay-era Rodion where Chromedome and Prowl plied their "scrupulous" trade. Shadowplay, Chaos Theory and the recent Elegant Chaos storyline have inspired me to dig out TFCC Chromedome once more, as he is blatantly IDW-inspired, and pose him with Prowl...just not the Prowl you might have imagined, but at least he's nailing that MTMTE #10 cover A look! Those in the know will know what I'm going for here...

All the best

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  1. This is a nice toy. One of the few TFCC figures I have (and am keeping). For the bike, you'd need ActionMaster Prowl's bike to complete the #10 cover feel... haha