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Saturday 11 March 2023

The Mysterious G1 Hound Stickers

I've wanted to sticker up a Generation 1 Hound for absolutely years, ever since I discovered an error with his vintage (and subsequent reissue) stickersheet. I've owned a Ceji Joustra Diaclone Jeep (European pre-G1 Diaclone Hound, effectively) for almost two decades now, but I haven't had a Transformers Hound for even longer than that, but I finally plugged that hole this year and was able to use the above Takara TF Collection reissue from 2004 to apply the stickers how I believe they were always intended to be applied. I fully believe that a vast majority of G1 Hounds out there today are incorrectly stickered as a result. Yes, it's another one of THOSE articles.

Sunday 23 October 2022

Hasbro G1 Octane - The Missing Stickers

There is much of the vintage Generation 1 Transformers toyline that I have never owned or experienced, what you might call 'bread and butter' figures. The 1986 Decepticon triplechanger Octane was one of those figures until I found and bought a sealed vintage specimen in 2019. Due to the restrictions on travel caused by the pandemic (still cannot believe things like this will be immortalised in articles and blogs now), I didn't get my hands on this Octane until 2021. What unfolded during the stickering and article creation for Octane made that wait entirely worth it.

Wednesday 4 May 2022

Hasbro Canada G1 Pre-rub Cassettes

Vintage Generation 1 Transformers from Canada have always had their quirks, from the most famous toy variants like the red cartoon accurate Dinobot Slag to the full trailer sticker Pepsi Optimus Prime. Beyond that, there is the bilingual naming of every character, as well as the notable errors such as "Autobot Megatron" and Tracks-as-Swoop on the tech specs. For those who are interested in such things, there are also other gems to discover such as pre-rub minibots with the Robot Points on the front of the card, due to a lack of real estate on the back!

Monday 1 June 2020

The Great Cybertronian Write Off - Weeks 7, 8 & 9

It's been a few weeks, but the Great Cybertronian Write Off has not slowed down! Week 9 has just finished and myself, Sixo, Toybox Soapbox and tikgnat are over halfway into 1985's entries. For anyone unfamiliar with #GCWO, it was an idea we had to put out daily G1 Transformers reviews, accompanied by photos, all presented in the style of a poster with vintage Euro and UK Hasbro design elements. We did it to give fans something small to look forward to daily while they were potentially stuck at home for an indefinite period of time.

Friday 29 May 2020

Hasbro G1 Breakdown - More Hidden Stickers

It seems that every time I go to add vintage stickers to a Generation 1 Transformers toys these days, either the instructions, stock photography, catalogues or packaging artwork throw up some degree of contradiction or lack of clarity regarding sticker placement. This often leads to a bunch of research across multiple sources - even prototype toy specimens - and sometimes an enjoyable discovery. Not long ago, I posted about the hidden stickers on G1 Drag Strip, and now his fellow Stunticon Breakdown reveals his hidden secrets, too.

Wednesday 13 May 2020

The Great Cybertronian Write Off - Week 6

After a short break, the Great Cybertronian Write Off returns for 1985's G1 Transformers entries! Myself, Sixo, Toybox Soapbox - with design by tikgnat - have been producing poster-style mini-reviews of G1 Transformers toys daily, with our own photographs, all stitched together and presented in the style of vintage UK and Euro G1 paperwork. Why? Well, in order to give Transformers fans a tiny little something to look forward to daily at a time when most of us are confined to quarters!

Thursday 30 April 2020

The Great Cybertronian Write Off - Weeks 4 & 5

Accept no cheap fan-made imitations, only expertly and lovingly-made fan made imitations! The Great Cybertronian Write Off has now completed four-and-a-bit weeks of daily G1 Transformers photo, review and nostalgia poster-style entries in the style of old UK and Euro G1 paperwork, courtesy of myself, Sixo, Toybox Soapbox and tikgnat! It may seem like a strange point to do a summary, but having completed my own contributions in Week 4, the other two writer/photographers stuck in two more entries to round out all of the 1984 series of #GCWO posts, and yes, that is a hashtag you can - and should - be following on social media to make sure you don't miss any entry in this hyper-crossover!