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Saturday 7 February 2015

GigaPower Guttur - Basic Pictorial

Let's stick to the facts. This is GigaPower's first figure, a 3rd party Dinobot Snarl called "Guttur". The review is coming soon, but for now it's enough to know that events unfolded in such a way that GigaPower's Guttur ended up in a sort of unofficial competition with FansToys Sever (another MP-scaled Snarl), neither of which have hit the market yet but test shots and samples are in the hands of reviewers (obviously) and comparisons have begun. Guttur is bigger than the FansToys Dinobots and seems to follow a toy aesthetic, however in hand I think it has a lot in common with MP-8 Grimlock. That's as much of an opinion as I'll let on for now, the full review on TFSquare One will have all accessories featured and size comparisons with the usual suspects, as well as discussing known issues with the samples versus final production. I just want to get some photos out there first, though. Enjoy.

All the best


  1. It looks great. But I hope in a Takara Tomy Masterpiece version of all dinobot.

  2. oh gosh, not another third party Dinobot. First it was Devastator, then Predaking and now, it's Dinobot War....

    Nice photos as usual man!

    1. And then Insecticon wars and Reflector wars