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Tuesday 22 September 2015

IDW MTMTE #45 - THAT Scavengers Photo

We've come to expect the unexpected of IDW and James Roberts since ongoing Transformers comic series More Than Meets The Eye (MTMTE) began, and now well into its second 'season', the surprises and unexpected twists have not slowed down. From the set of Friends to charisma vampires, the creators of MTMTE have taken this Transformers title to completely new levels while arguably never losing touch with what makes it so popular and essential at its core. If you're not averse to the risk of possible spoilers, you can see the freshly revealed preview of MTMTE #45's first page above, featuring a photograph of actual G1 Transformers toys in the bottom panel. That photo, like all the other panels on the page, depicts Spinister, Crankcase, Krok and Misfire - the beloved Scavengers (absent since issue 8 - kinda) - in all sorts of bizarre situations that have occurred off-panel throughout most of season 1 and 2 while we've been concentrating elsewhere. But where did that photo come from, and how did it come about?

Saturday 12 September 2015

Unique Toys Y-01 Provider (Octane) Teaser Pictorial - UPDATED

Here's Unique Toys' Y-01 Provider, their version of the Decepticon Triplechanger Octane. Is it supposed to be Classics scale? Masterpiece scale? I've got my own opinion that I'll save for Tuesday's Source Article, but for now I've cycled through the modes and taken some pictures. Here's a couple from each mode just to whet your appetites! Also because I just can;t do another 3am photo editing session so this is yer lot.

Monday 7 September 2015

Hasbro G1 Targetmaster Misfire

1987 Hasbro Targetmaster Misfire and Nebulon partner Aimless, what a pairing. This hot pink beauty from the golden age of immediately post-movie Generation 1 Transformers has been granted a new lease of life as one of the Scavengers thanks to James Roberts, IDW and the ongoing More Than Meets The Eye comic title. Just like Triggerhappy, Misfire was available in Japan sans rubsign (some actually did have it) as D-89 Misfire with styro inner packaging, there was a bilingual Canadian release and I wouldn't be surprised to see a bilingual Hasbro Europe version either. I've seen the Autobot Targetmasters in Hasbro Europe packaging so there's every chance it'll turn up one day. Today, we'll be looking at a UK-bought Hasbro version of G1 Misfire and Aimless.

Sunday 6 September 2015

MakeToys MTCM-04A Axle (Groove)

When launching a whole new combiner project as a 3rd party company, you need to put your right foot forward (groan) and really ease yourself into the groove (boo! hiss!) of the aesthetic and customer reception to the product. MakeToys have on a number of occasions gone for an all out box set for expensive combiners, whereas MMC, UT and others have seen fit to release combiners one limb at a time. For their Guardia (Defensor), MakeToys have released "Axle", their interpretation of Protectobot Groove first.