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Monday 31 August 2015

MakeToys MTRM-07 Visualizers (MP Reflector)

Third Party company MakeToys of Japan have entered the Transformers Masterpiece-a-like wars, along with FansToys, X-Transbots, BadCube, MMC, Omnigonix, DX-9 etc, but MT come from a place of great expense and a reputation for very good quality products. Their first foray into this aesthetic was MTRM (MakeToys Re-Master Series) 01 Cupola, a Masterpiece Chromedome. The second release in the MTRM line are the "Visualizers", a Masterpiece-style Reflector done in the Sunbow cartoon fashion. This product will be competing directly with FansToys' Spotter and KFC's Reflectrons. I've only recently discovered MakeToys products through the insanely nice Utopia and the intricate, fantastic but marginally flawed Cupola, so how do the Visualizers compare to recognised Masterpiece style 3P figures I have plenty of experience of such as the FansToys range, BadCube range and DX-9 toys?

Sunday 2 August 2015

Hasbro G1 Autobot Headmasters Gallery

Please find below a brief gallery of the main Autobot Headmasters from 1987, that is, Brainstorm and Arcana, Chromedome and Stylor, Hardhead and Duros, Highbrow and Gort. This Tuesday will see the start of a number of TFSource articles on Headmasters and Targetmasters from 1987, so for now it's just a selection of Autobot Headmaster group shots in higher resolution than on the upcoming Source Article, which will have a more detailed written overview of the category. After that there will be individual figure posts on this blog. Enjoy!