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Thursday 5 February 2015

MMC Felisaber - Teaser Pictorial

The full TFSource article review on Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-07 Felisaber is coming, but here are just a handful of photographs featuring the gorgeous bugger. Sixth 'member' of Feral Rex, and clearly based on the Pretender Beast Catilla, Felisaber is a Tigris re-tool that can act as a standalone or become the left arm of Feral Rex, relegating Talon in entirety to the back of the combiner for "Perfect Combination". For now, it's nice to be reminded again of MMC's outstanding build quality and presentation, Felisaber is top drawer right out of the box, insanely posable and a joy to handle. I can't believe this is it, the last Feralcon. Enjoy.

I'm saving the penguin for later.

All the best


  1. I know this comes with a penguin and a compartment for it.... come on come on.... !