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Sunday, 30 November 2014

TF Animated Takara Tomy Blurr

Transformers Animated Blurr is a toy that every single Transformers collector should own. It has one of the most unique looks in all of the TF universe, and that goes for both modes. It takes a pinch of Tron, a slab of Animated, handfuls of Classics Mirage and what you get is 100% Blurr. It's one of the top 3 deluxes I've ever seen. This isn't my first Blurr either, I already have a sealed and loose specimen. What made this an essential purchase is the fact that it's the Japanese Takara Tomy release with the different blue paint application.

In terms of show accuracy there is chrome-like light blue paint, where the on-screen version had darker navy blue all over like the Hasbro release. Conversely, the Takara Tomy version has extra blue paint apps on either side of Blurr's chin at the base of the helmet -not just on the chin itself - just like the on-screen Animated Blurr. Hasbro's Blurr does not have that.

Here is the Takara Tomy Blurr alongside the Hasbro release:

Hasbro left - Takara Tomy right

In fact the difference in paint colour on the hood and elsewhere is so easily distinguishable between the two versions that I was able to spot this Takara Tomy version in a group picture taken on a mobile phone with bad lighting. For £5 complete it was a great purchase, but it's not as if sealed they are mega expensive. They can be found on Taobao for £16 equivalent before fees and shipping and there was one relisted repeatedly on eBay UK for £28 posted with no takers. It's a real shame there aren't more versions of this mould out there, or interesting KOs. We do have the TFCC Cheetor that is a true wonder, but I still dream of one day getting the unreleased but solicited Animated Vortex Blurr repaint in black and red. For now, that's me complete on this elegant and peerless deluxe mould.

All the best

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