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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Badcube OTS-02 Brawny - Pictorial

Badcube - formerly Cubex - have continued the Old Timer Series with another Masterpiece-style 3rd party minibot. Two in fact. Badcube have decided to tackle Brawn and Outback first as they relaunch their brand. OTS-02 Brawny and OTS-03 Backland (following OTS-01 Huff) are obviously intended to be Brawn and Outback, respectively. Tuesday night will see my article for TFSource on these figures, so for now I hope you'll enjoy a sneak peek pictorial of the figure that has started to ship out to retailers and customers. All judgement and comment on the quality of the piece shall be reserved for then, but for now here's Badcube Brawny in robot and vehicle mode, with and without the extra accessory pack that comes with the set of pre-ordered together.

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