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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hello Goodbye - My Buy/Sell/Trade

If you're reading this direct from the blog or Transformers Square One Facebook, then it pleases me to inform you that I have just added a buy/sell/trade page to Transformers Square One where I'll sell everything from vintage rare Diaclones to lots of modern Transformers Animated toys or original Hasbro box artwork from Hasbro artists, depending on what I need to shift at any given time, including a list of things I am still looking for. If you've been directed here from said sales page, then you already know it's there, and you're wondering why the hell you need to read a whole blog post to tell you how a sales list works. You'd be surprised. Actually, if you've been in the hobby any length of time, you probably wouldn't. Regardless, read on!

I've sold some very rare things - sometimes one of a kind things - to collectors over the last 15 years and sometimes it's a case of choosing the price that affords me the value I need to compensate for the loss of a Transformers or Diaclone related artifact that I'll probably never own again. Other times it's based on my own assessment of rarity and while I've been able to sell nearly all of what I've offered over the years, sometimes I get it wrong. So if you are making an offer via email, or inquiring about a "Price On Request (Expect x figures)" item, I want you to keep a few things in mind.

A lot of what you will see on my sales page with the above quoted info has been priced high, as I say, to compensate for saying goodbye to it and occasionally I'll accept keeping them until the right offer comes along. Other things you'll see with prices, and occasionally I'll take one item off the former list and place it on the latter. I choose to quote prices by email because I always think it's better to discuss justification - if necessary - in private and personally than just putting what appears to be an unreasonable price on something with no explanation. Rest assured I will never say "Make an offer", I hate that. I have prices in mind for everything at any given time.

The prices might also reflect the difficulty and time invested in my own acquiring of the item, and I may wish that to be reflected in what I ask someone to pay me. I fully accept that waiting a certain amount of time will result in buyers finding something cheaper, it's a risk I've decided to take and I'm counting on being able to find the 'right' buyer for the right item, as I have done in the past. I'm also aware of how publicly revealing such a sale where a collector will pay way over the odds for something to complete a collection can affect others' perception of value and create difficulty for future buyers and collectors of certain items.

Other stuff will just be cheap, common as muck, I'll want it gone and it'll be first come first served!

I'll be shipping from the UK and instead of messing about with shipping quotes I will just offer prices inclusive of tracked shipping, and discount appropriately for domestic UK buyers. I've asked for Paypal friends & family payments because I feel I have enough currency in my reputation as a seller and community member from eBay, TFW2005, Allspark, Autocon, Seibertron, Facebook etc that I can make such a request. I'm open to negotiation though, and reason, so again I encourage private email as opposed to a shopping cart and checkout attitude.

Finally, the items on my wants list could be things I thought were shiny and added yesterday, or items I've been after for a decade so if you ask me for offers on something you email me about selling, you're going to get varying levels of response. Please do not take offence, I am either offering the most that I can afford (after all I wouldn't consider a sales list if there wasn't some financial need, right?) or what it's worth to me. It will be no reflection at all on what I think of you, or a veiled insult etc. Believe me, I've had conversations over the years that beggar belief revolving around this aspect. I do trades too!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope it puts your potential transactions/interactions with me and the nature of the sales page on this blog into some perspective.

If you want to know how much care I put into packaging items, read this.

All the best

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