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Sunday 9 November 2014

MMC Azalea Pictorial

Mastermind Creations have just released their Reformatted interpretation of Transformers Arcee. Now my understanding is that it is meant to evoke echoes of the IDW Arcee figure, hence being pretty well-armed and shown off on the packaging as a quite badass little warrior. I can't help but feel that to me Arcee will always be the gentle but capable fighting Autobot from the 1986 Movie and season 3 of the Generation 1 cartoon. My pictorial of this figure, in anticipation of Tuesday night's Source Article/review of this toy, has tried to capture that more G1 Arcee look and feel with the photography and posing than the ruthless and murderous IDW Arcee. All other opinions on the toy I shall reserve for Tuesday night!

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