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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

New Arrivals - Late October 2014

The curse is broken! I finally have in my collection an EZ Collection Smokescreen, the Takara Tomy version of the Cyberverse Smokescreen in show accurate colours, presented with gorgeous paint application. I had tried to get this figure from Asia on 3 previous occasions, one got destroyed and returned to sender, two got lost in the mail, and finally via Taobao I have this last variant of the mould I needed. Far too much hassle for such a readily available little figure. Then again, I wasn't going to pay $50 on eBay so...anyway, read on for the other new arrivals.

Elephant tommy gun. The Arms Micron stuff just keeps making me happier and happier, I love the idea of assembling the Targetmaster-style Microns off the model sprues and everything that goes along with them, the stickersheets etc. Thanks to Morg, I finally got the proper Micron for my AM Wildrider. I'll post assembled pictures soon as I now have every TFPrime Wheeljack remould and repaint, official and otherwise, that I know about. Including the following horrors/wonders...

The first two are white and orange oversized bootlegs of Cyberverse Wheeljack that weigh in around deluxe class size, but they are cheap, hollow, light and almost structurally non-existent. Truly piss-poor quality bootlegs that I cannot see myself transforming often. They are just awful, and that's a shame because they looked like they would be a lot of fun.

Next up are Dead End and Hyperspeed Wheeljack (Marlboor/Exhaust basically) coloured oversized bootlegs of the TFPrime deluxe Wheeljack. These things are leader class size and amazing. Truly what bootlegs ought to be, horrendously over the top caricatures of the original source material. 

More bootlegs, first the Chinese KO of Animated deluxe class Sentinel Prime in slightly different shades, again horrific quality, I've already snapped the white shield handle which is a shame as that's the best part of the new colours. A screw fell out of somewhere. A case of wash hands immediately, put away and never look at it again. Shame.

Second one is a KO of the RM Mirage, oversized too, and not that bad actually. This was something I bought last week while on holiday in one f the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura. I am pretty sure I have owned this KO before at some point, but anyway it fits together better than my RiD Skid-Z did but the LED gimmick doesn't work. Oh well. Holiday KO purchase, standard.

In addition to the above I received the SXS upgrade heads for Citizen Stack and D.A.I. Stack that KFC saw fit not to include with the proper releases, forcing me to go £18 extra on the toy to have a decent looking head. And my goodness, do they look good. Truly a fantastic add on with glorious proportions and finish, sculpt and gimmickry. Even my daughter can manage the eye-change feature. Completely essential purchase if you have a Stack of any description. 

Finally, Masterpiece Wheeljack's hypno-lunchbox arrived. It doesn't sit flush in his hand and wobbles about, but hey, at least he is now complete by TakTom standards. Wheeljack is also the best Masterpiece since...actually I think he may just be the best. 

All the best

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