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Monday, 28 July 2014

MMC Leo Dux Pictorial

It's not very good form to start a pictorial post with a fuzzy out of focus effort, but it's the most suitable image to launch the Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-04 Squadron Commander "Leo Dux". In other words, the 3rd party MMC version of Razorclaw. I am currently away from home for a while so I have no access to my photography equipment, toys or even a decent computer/laptop that actually allows me to see how my edited images are coming out on good monitors elsewhere. My apologies for that, shame to waste perfectly good photos this way but there you are!


Leo Dux is a main feature in tomorrow night's TFSource Blog article so I won't go into too much detail here, but the robot mode is pretty amazing. Even if pound for pound I will come out in favour of Bovis as a Transformer toy and his look from top to bottom, Leo Dux is one of the best 3P products available on the market today. Surely. You can see above the variety in display options with the enormous swords, backpack guns and fully weaponised with Bovis and Fortis guns too. He has the Feral Rex waist piece that acts as a shield, and virtually everything is on ratchets so poses are held with tremendous strength.


The lion mode on Leo Dux is surprisingly large and elongated, with hind legs that are probably a touch too thin and small, but articulation is nice and the transformation was surprisingly natural. You have to pop the lion head off its main ball joint in order to make it look upwards or even dead straight. Out of the box he can only look down, and once you unclip it, it's really the only way to pose him in lion mode. You can see the main sword handle pieces combine to form his lion tail and the shield goes on his back. Very nice.


Looking every bit the menacing leader with Bovis and Fortis - themselves no shrinking violets - he will be so unbelievably impressive alongside all the other Feralcons. As a beast team they look good too, you can see I used Fortis's alternate transformation to distinguish him in rhino mode. Leo scales well with other contemporary 3P and MP toys too in my opinion. That's as much as I am going into that right now!

And get ONE combined mode picture, because the full Feral Rex effect is worth the wait (and weight).

All the best

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