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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mech Ideas Bluster and Trench - Article Teaser

Thursday night (tomorrow) will see me publish an article on TFSource Blog about the upcoming 3rd party Mech Ideas Techno Toon Titans "Bluster" and "Trench". In layman's terms, they are the unofficial Transformers Animated versions of Huffer and Pipes as seen in the Allspark Almanacs and also in a brief scene in the 3rd season of the Animated cartoon itself. If these figures are successful - and I desperately hope they are - it could signal a way for TF Animated lovers to finally get their hands on unofficial versions of the unproduced and unused characters they have been so cruelly teased with by the creators of the show. Speaking of teasers, here are some of the pictures from tomorrow night's article to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Trench (Not Pipes)

Bluster (Not Huffer)

One thing I will try to press home tomorrow as well as here is that the items photographed in this teaser article are test shots, far from final production pieces. There are alignment, fitting and looseness issues that beautifully demonstrate why toy manufacturers are not keen for the general public to get their hands on samples such as these and form unfair judgments about the final product based on the state of play at this stage in proceedings. Having said that, Mech Ideas can rely on my vote.

Hope you're excited for tomorrow!

All the best


  1. well f#{# me...................

  2. awesome, probably getting both of the recolours

  3. Just to let you know, only Huffer made an appearance on screen in Season 3. Pipes was shown originally in a teaser image by Derrick Wyatt before season 3 aired (along with a few other characters who never made it on screen). Pipes then appeared in fiction for the first time in the TFCC comic 'Moving Violations' alongside Huffer.

    Hope that's of some help! Gorgeous photos too!

    1. Definitely helpful and absorbed into the TFSource article from a couple weeks back, cheers Dan! Seems people are terribly happy with the TFCon exclusive set.

      All the best