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Friday 18 July 2014

New Arrivals - Mid July 2014 (Part 3)

I don't know why my first instinct was to post a disclaimer about this not being a 100% Animated haul post, because you should feel privileged if it was! The best TRANSFORMERS TOY line ever deserves to be made tribute to every single day of the week. In actual fact this is quite a varied series of bots that make up the back end of Transformers-Arriving-Endlessly-July, but Animated Cheetor being the looker that he is, earns the headline image.

The Transformers Collector's Club exclusive repaint of Animated Blurr as Cheetor - with a newly moulded head - is a stunning thing. This mould is rapidly rising to the very top of my all-time favourite Transformers list, and to have it repainted in yellow with such an extremely different feel to it compared to Blurr makes this figure a huge success. Many advocate taking paint to the face and filling in the black detailing shown on the box art but missed off the toy, but yeah, maybe an expert could do that. Me, not so much. May I remind you of this. The presentation and execution of Animated Cheetor is divine, and the fact that Animated can bring in characters from any TF series or era seamlessly and give it the Wyatt treatment is part of what appeals o much about this line, and of course More Than Meets The Eye comics where eras collide on every page. I've secretly always liked the idea of a Cheetah transformer, and love how amazing/awful the name "Cheetor" is, but I don't collect Beast era toys, so this is just perfect. Thank you TFCC, Derek Wyatt and of course, Dennis in Sweden!

Shanti / BillPrestonEsquire is new to the Transformers online community and frankly the whole damn fandom is a better place because of his involvement. Check out his work on the Diaclone Genome Project. He joined the long list of wonderful collectors and human beings who found it in their hearts to actually sacrifice the sale of an expensive Transformer and instead gift it to one who would - unknowingly - appreciate it and love it massively. So thank you Shanti for Fire Guts God Ginrai, something I have always wanted and been curious about. You took me completely by surprise with this gift and FGGG is a wonder. No more pics here, there's a dedicated post coming soon!

Technically no new acquisitions here (thank goodness), but just a group shot of all my Transformers Animated Activators and associated KOs. And yes, I did forget to include the 2 Lockdowns in the first picture. Soundblaster, Soundwave, Grimlock, Megatron, Armor Up Optimus Prime and Battlefield Bumblebee still await. Oh, and that bloody expensive Japanese exclusive Ramjet. These things are so brilliant, it's totally criminal that there was never an Activators Prowl. If there was one, these could constitute a toy line all their own, they are that good and that pretty. Not to mention accurate!

And finally, something I should probably have bought months ago, but he's finally here and my lord, he's a good'un.

MMC Leo Dux

All the best


  1. Excellent gift on the Fire Guts God Ginrai! That was extremely nice of him.
    I still find it amazing that you never had one before,.

    I will admit that I bought mine strictly on the name factor alone......who says name recognition doesn't sell. Hmmm......that could be an interesting posting.

    Looking forward to seeing what your whole impression is on this figure.


    1. Hi Joe,

      There is just so much I have never owned, including Overlord, Scorponok, Eject, Blaster, Doubledealer....I went from trying to fill in childhood G gaps to variants and Diaclones very very fast and as a result missed out on a whole load of stuff that surprises people.

      You may have seen by now in a later post how much I love the FGGG :)

      All the best