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Monday, 14 July 2014

New Arrivals - Mid July 2014 (Part 1)

Don't be fooled, this post is full of new Transformers Animated items that have been arriving steadily as the face of my collection changes again. However, top billing for this post belongs solely to a holy grail piece that I had in my possession on release 7 years ago, and foolishly sold immediately for massive profit, regretting it always. It gives me huge pleasure to take my biggest step yet towards completing something that lies very close to the heart and soul of my Transformers collection - Binaltech - with the arrival of BT-17 Wonderfest exclusive Black Convoy.

BT-17 means that I have everything from Binaltech - all variants included - from BT-01 Smokescreen right up to BT-18 Rijie Electro Disrupter version. Black Convoy is my first new Binaltech purchase since 2008. Six whole years since I last added to this magnificent line of toys that swallowed me whole on release in 2004 via Alternators Smokescreen (I know BT-01 was 2003 - back off!). So after 6 years of no new BTs, and after 1 year of hiatus on my TF Source Blog Binaltech article series, I can now finally add the next chapter. This toy will of COURSE be opened (the packaging has split anyway) and transformed, posed, photographed and enjoyed as the rest of my BTs have been. I just can't wait for a quiet evening where I get to begin the opening and photography. That's what this hobby is all about, that....and PubeCon.

Both the BT-17 Black Convoy above and this Animated Activators Optimus Prime have arrived courtesy of the amazing gentleman and collector most of us know as Bill PrestonEsquire of the Diaclone Genome Project. Activators Prime was an accidental purchase actually, I had asked him to keep an eye out at BotCon for the Armor Up Optimus Prime repaint (Star Convoy homage) but I would be lying if I said this wasn't perfect, I am going completist on Animated and this was needed. I can add this now to the clear Activators prime I received a few days ago. 

A gift from the delightful UK collector and photographer extraordinaire RobotoChan next, a mini 50 piece Transformers Animated puzzle for my daughter, and it really is mini! She's old enough now to not put stuff in her mouth and she can distinguish between foodstuffs and Transformers, a big plus for me considering how much she's enthralled by my Animated toys. This should make for a fun 2 minutes of wonder followed by 15 minutes of me picking pieces off the floor/wall/ceiling and trying to get her to FOCUS AND TELL ME WHERE THIS PIECE GOES? WHOSE HEAD DOES THIS LOOK LIKE?

The other item RobotoChan included with the set though, was something I have wanted for a while, the Sons of Cybertron Animated deluxe Rodimus and Earth mode Prime set, featuring clear variants of both. Seeing as how Clear G1 Hot Rodimus is one of my favourite toys of all time, this should make for some great photo opportunities. Surely I can't be that far away from completing Animated now?!

A big thank you to Shanti and Pete for the goodies this time out!

All the best


  1. Congrats on Black Convoy! :)

    1. Cheers bud, but word of advice, keep yours sealed!

      All the best