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Sunday 22 June 2014

Japanese TF Oddities - Post #100!

Even though I've never actively collected Japanese Transformers toys or paraphernalia (not counting Diaclone), it doesn't mean I haven't come across a few interesting and sometimes rare bits of Takara Transformers peripheral goodness. Not quite what I had in mind for post #100 but here's a quick look back, and I do mean quick.

The picture at the start of the post is of the Japanese exclusive Windcharger ("Charger") and Brawn ("Gong") model kit set from Takara and Seven that come in a variety of red/black variations - probably all combinations - and the Brawn transforms like a Bumblebee, even sporting a Bumblebee head. Forever to be known as "Brawnblebee". The other little red kits in the image above are vintage Kabaya Brawn and Windcharger. These items are really hard to come by and they are more than just a novelty, they're actually bloody nice to handle and display alongside actual G1 minibots, although the Seven kits are a little larger.


I found this larger Japanese Megatron decoy in a collector's store in Amsterdam in 2006 where a Dutch collector who specialised in JTFs and pre-Transformers had sold his collection. I had also found a lovely 20 Euro Diaclone chrome Trainrobo #7 that I promptly broke when I got it home. Good times. These decoys came in orange (or was it yellow?) as well, and there's a Convoy, as you'd expect. You can see the art on the card is the same as the Japanese 16 Megatron toy. It also comes with a stickersheet and accessories! For a non-transforming Transformer made of red rubber, it's actually quite appealing. OF COURSE I SOLD IT! 

This here pretty flat thing is a "Shitajiki", an underlay commonly used by Japanese schoolchildren to place under paper when writing to prevent marking of other sheets. There were a few of these made, but I really liked all the Destron combiner artwork, especially Predaking. The overbearing Galvatron didn't harm its appearance much either. The other side has what amounts to a Japanese Destron toy catalogue where the focus of the thing is again Galvatron and the Predacons.

There's still plenty of novel Japanese merchandise out there I'd love to see from 1986 movie phonecards to lunchboxes and store display material, and I still find stuff on Japanese auction that I've never seen documented anywhere. It's not all about Liokasier giftsets, you know.

All the best


  1. Hey, I have that Shitajiki! I've seen those referred to as pencil that basically the same thing? Love the art work on it, best $5 I ever spent!

    1. They are beautiful and had I kept mine, it would have gone on the wall!

  2. Yep, shitajiki are what we in the West have coined pencil boards. Shita meaning under, and Jiki meaning covering. It's what you'd place under the sheet of paper you are writing on to avoid any marks being made on the following pages. Pencil protector may be a better name I suppose, but too late for that.

  3. Love the part about the "shitajiki". I had no idea what these were meant for, but I do have a bunch of them acquired over time from my various trips to Japan. Up till now, I just called them "vinyls" silly me...

    ~ heroic_decepticon

    1. Curt was actually the one who set me straight on what these were!

    2. aiya, that guy. he needs to come out and share knowledge some day, haha