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Friday 13 June 2014

Hasbro G1 Fireflight MOSC Quickie

This is no knockoff, reissue, custom or any such thing. You are looking at a practically-case fresh Transformers Generation 1 Aerialbot Fireflight, still sealed to its original backing card, from 1986. Seeing an item of this quality makes me realise that I actually have not seen that many carded and mint G1 Aerialbots. Gold-card European Classic versions sure, many, but actual G1 I have seen barely any. I haven't been looking, I'll admit, but those in the know inform me that it is a comfortably rare sight. So what the hell is it doing here? 

I'll be using this Fireflight for a little project a friend of mine and I have had in mind for over a year, and we finally got around to finding a suitable sealed toy to use. I can't tell you how long it sat in its shipping box before I gathered up the confidence to actually open the box and touch the item. Was it still sealed to the card? Had it received any dings? How does one package a piece of preserved history like this anyway? My friend said:

"Live Maz, LIVE! Open it! Document. Report. Enjoy it, 1986 has come to visit!"

So I did. It's fascinating to see a specimen like this, because I have never collected sealed vintage Transformers. I've had my fair share of MIB unused boxed items, and sealed carded Ceji Joustra Diaclone minibots/cassettes/Powerdashers...but we all know a sealed G1 Transformer is something quite special. Just look at how the stickersheet is wrapped around the toy's nosecone. 

So simple and yet massively effective. A small plane, on the Transformers grid pattern card, character artwork, name and logos. The only eyesore is the turquoise promotional bar and picture...and even those are just part of the furniture of history now.

More soon!

All the best

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