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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

New Arrivals - Mid June 2014


Diaclone, Macross, Comics, Animated - this is the new obsession, and it's BRILLIANT. All the UK dealers I know have tonnes of Animated and they can barely sell it because everyone has been offloading collections of the stuff, sealed specimens are cheap and it's possible to get ten times as much toy for £80 than any Leo Dux could ever be, I don't care how good it is. Luckily Animated is very good, with every deluxe a reminder of just what's possible for toys of that scale. Here are the last batch of purchases that arrived.

Leader class Roadbuster Ultra Magnus

Fine, there you go, flip-out headlight guns

This hulk is the Roadbuster repaint of Ultra Magnus, still very much Magnus with his blue head and waist flaps (why why WHY) but with a sort of armour that is coloured as Generation 1 Roadbuster was. A fun concept and a toy that I ignored wholesale during release because it just wasn't the show Magnus. I've corrected that mistake and my hunger for bizarre and irrelevant Animated repaints has gone into overdrive, I'm just sad that there aren't that many around and I'm nearly done with them. Roadbuster Magnus is beautiful in hand, spectacular actually. What an eye-grabber and of course, the mould is a joy. I wish I'd grabbed this guy from the store when I could because it deserves to be bought sealed and opened by its sole owner, then enjoyed forever. Still, can't argue with £10 eh?

2011 BotCon exclusive Animated Sideswipe (G2 colours)

Faux Lamborghini logo

I had heard a great deal about this Rodimus mould, and I must admit seeing the Takara Rodimus and even this particular variant in person didn't sell me on it. The transformation seemed great for a deluxe, really complex and involved but not frustrating - and the top half of the figure is beautiful, as is the vehicle mode. The thin legs and boots really put me off though. Overall it's a complete victory with the Robin Hood style bow and arrow, the stunning choice of making him G2 Sideswipe for the 2011 BotCon exclusive. It's since grown on me and I understand the fuss, to have this much figure for a deluxe must have spoilt collectors and fans rotten at the time. This one came free in a trade for a loose Diaclone Police Sunstreaker as part of the Rotorstorm quest. Can't complain, mustn't grumble.

Deluxe Rescue Ratchet

I have a vague recollection of laughing at this repaint when it was announced, and I forgot about it. But as soon as I started my show inaccurate cast of Animated Transformers, I was disappointed to find out that Bulkhead and Ratchet didn't have repaints. And then I remembered...yellow Rescue Ratchet. In hand this is beautiful, such a striking yellow that is based on the Bayformer Ratchet from the movies. The deluxe Ratchet mould is one of my favourites too, and when you find a specimen whose lower legs don't keep popping off it's a true pleasure. I love this toy, £10 and totally worth it. I'll still endeavour to buy a sealed one and open it for myself. 

To finish off, some shots of these new additions with some of the other recent arrivals, and just some gratuitous Animated photography.

Movie repaints

Repaint Decepticons

Every Prowl but the original deluxe

Processor over matter

All the best

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