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Tuesday 3 June 2014

TF Animated Revival

It finally happened, I watched season 2 and 3 of Animated all the way through, with all the UK enabling from the discussion thread on TFW2005 and in person at Pub(e)Con, I've broken down and started re-purchasing Transformers Animated toys. They are so cheap to buy sealed at the moment, especially the deluxes that came out in the UK - how could I resist?

All of the pictures in this article are auction photography that I used to sell my small Animated collection a few years back while gathering funds for a large Diaclone purchase. Now here I am buying them back one by one. So far, to add to my deluxe Bumblebee and voyager Starscream that didn't get sold, I've bought a Sentinel Prime that you can read about HERE.

That was the gateway, the floodgates are open for Animated the way they were over Christmas for Macross - albeit far far cheaper. I've bought a Stealth Lockdown MISB for £20, a MOSC Blazing Lockdown for £8.50, a MOSC deluxe Ratchet for £6.99, a MOSC Activators Lockdown for £5.75 (yes, a lot of Lockdown, making up for never owning him originally) and about £20 shipped on a MOSC Freeway Jazz from the US.

The best purchase so far, though, has been a set of 25 Animated figures loose and in good condition for £78 shipped, including leaders and a few Takara variants in there as well. That works out at just over £3 per figure, fantastic. I'm literally itching for that box to arrive and it will be Christmas in June, no word of a lie.

The things I am most interested in picking up next are Roadbuster Ultra Magnus, Rescue Ratchet, the 2011 BotCon Stunti-Con Job set, the Sons of Cybertron clear deluxe set, Elite Guard Prowl, Elite Guard Bumblebee (Hasbro and Takara), Elite Guard voyager Prime, Wingblade Prime, BotCon Sideswipe and Jetpack Bumblebee off the top of my head. I find myself quite interested in building the most show-inaccurate version of the cast using as many repaint decos as possible. That's so typical of someone who likes Diaclone and variants.

So here we go, another mini project that will take over my consciousness until things start getting expensive and difficult. It's a good thing Animated toys are so awesome and widely available, albeit quite expensive once you get to the Japanese only or show exclusive stuff. It certainly is a nice change to be able to find specimens of everything I want to buy instead of dragging out the same old "hasn't been seen in over a decade" phrase when chasing Ceji Joustra Diaclones.

All the best


  1. buying all the animated redecos eh? I dunno if i want to part with the Botcon set (full set w/ add ons)

    1. So you don't think you'll part with it, but you're giving me details of the set having add ons? haha such a tease!

      (What are the add ons? Do you mean the other figures from that year's BC)

      All the best