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Thursday, 8 January 2015

DX9 03 Invisible - Limited Phantom version Pictorial

Invisible! Inevitable? DX9 aka Unique Toys are following up their interpretation of Masterpiece Mirage with a predictable, but pretty, totally clear blue version of the figure limited to 1000 pieces. Is it 1000? Or am I making that up? Let's go with a 1000. This is an advance review sample, and I have now sampled it. The review will hit TFSource Blog in its entirety maybe 2 weeks from now. Here are the images of the figure in both modes and with the regular Invisible. What I will say is that first impressions are, in this order: WOW that's pretty. Wow that's tight. Goodness, maybe I'll transform it tomorrow. I wouldn't say it's brittle, but there are some extremely hairy joints and squeaks there that remind me totally of Animated Swindle's clear plastic shoulders and elbows. I hope you enjoy the photographs, Ole Blue Eyes is certainly a pretty fellow. But then it's Mirage, I would say that.

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