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Monday, 19 January 2015


THAT'S RIGHT! It's the Crack Autobot Badgeless Badass Assault Group Elite...C.A.B.B.A.G.E! Made up of the stealthiest, hardiest and completely unadorned Autobot warriors. Otherwise known as Masterpiece/3P Autobot car figures to which stickers have not yet been applied for reasons of Diaclone heritage (read: straw clutching). There's Tokyo Toy Show exclusives MP-12T Tigertrack and MP-18S Silverstreak, the regular release MP-12G Lambor G2 version and the newly released DX9 Toys Phantom version of Invisible, a Mirage-based Masterpiece-a-like. Joking aside, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Long live choice.

All the best

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