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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Hello Goodbye - Update 06/01/15

Just a note to inform any interested parties that both Diaclone police Countaches have now been removed from the sales page here. I have, however added 3 more Spanish KO Gisima minibots including the above unused and packaged yellow/blue Beachcomber (blue head and limbs, yellow torso, all stickers intact), a black KO Windcharger unused with the rarer "FANTASTICO" sticker as well as a blue and white Windcharger (white arms, blue body) that is on hold and seemingly already sold. I've also got a white/blue Windcharger packaged and unused (blue arms, white body) but am yet to photograph it, please contact me if interested. In addition, I have added a Diakron blue Trailbreaker/Hilux which is missing its head attachment and one of its missiles has a broken end. 

You can read more about the FANTASTICO black Windcharger for sale here

You can see more images of the Blue Diakron Trailbreaker here, but keep in mind it does NOT come with styro, unused weapons etc, it comes with just what you see in the following picture plus the diaclone driver:

All the best

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