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Friday, 5 December 2014

DX9 03 Invisible - MP Robot Mode Pictorial

The idea was that DX9 (Unique Toys) would create a Masterpiece-scaled Mirage that would adequately fill the gap in people's collections until a Takara Tomy Mirage was offered in 20-whoknowswhen. I will be producing a full review on Tuesday night for TFSource Blog, and there's a TFSquare One detailed pictorial from earlier in the week, but just for now, here are some images of Invisible with the current crop of Masterpiece cars. The first one above is of Invisible with the screen-accurate 1984 cars released thus far minus Bumblebee who I am still waiting for. Below, you will find Invisible with all the larger Masterpiece cars as well as Brawny from BadCube. As before, opinions will be reserved for Tuesday, just eye candy for now!

Offical MP on-screen cars with Invisible

Now with added Tokyo Toy Show exclusives and G2 Lambor

"The ship was...full" (what's Sideswipe doing?)

Angry mob
Vehicle mode pictorial tonight!

All the best


  1. ...But... I can still see him!!!

    Great pics, Maz!

    1. :D Cheers mate, more tonight :)

      All the best