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Monday, 29 December 2014

Hasbro Masterpiece MP-05 Sunstorm


I just wrote a review of my Christmas present, Hasbro MP-05 Masterpiece Sunstorm, for the Toys R Us website in the hopes of winning a £50 gift card. Turns out I am the only reviewer on there that gave a TF Masterpiece toy less than 5 stars, I gave it 4 stars because I don't think it's perfect. Crap, I feel completely disloyal now. Following is my review text, adjusted for regular non-collector consumers.

A gorgeous, large, impressive yellow and red F15 Eagle that transforms into an imposing, well proportioned attractive robot. What could be better? This toy has of course been released before as Acid Storm, so a new version in yellow is seemingly quite uninteresting, but for those interested in Transformers, "Masterpiece Sunstorm" is a lovely thing to have. Don't be fooled by the images on the packaging of what was an older toy with more moulding issues and less cartoon-accurate appearance, Sunstorm's mould is based on the updated tooling and definitely looks better. 

In-hand the item is far more impressive than any online image or product stock photo can portray. Experience with the mould is useful as you will know which parts can potentially fall off and get lost (small rear wings, little yellow pilot and little yellow circular clip, white fingers on each hand, yellow laser guns on each arm), as well as potential difficulties in transformation, like threading the nosecone through the chest, lining up all the panels correctly in jet mode so everything clips in snugly, and probably most importantly of all, doing things in the right sequence. Once you've got it, though, going from one mode to another is enjoyable and challenging.

Yep, forgot nosecone null ray

While initially the white, yellow, orange and red colour scheme can appear jarring, on close inspection there is beautiful fine detailing across the jet body, like the painted flames.  
There are some drawbacks and limitations. It can be difficult to create dynamic poses for the large robot as there is no articulation at the waist, and he's basically standing on tippy-toes the whole time. But there's a lot of movement in the arms and shoulders, the neck is articulated, and knees do bend. There is a display stand meaning Sunstorm can be displayed as a flying robot or soaring jet, although you may initially have some trouble getting the jet to clip onto the clear plastic support. Well worth it though.  
In the recent sale, Sunstorm became incredibly good value for money (£34.99 with code), and totally irresistible. 

What else is there to say? Apart from the box depicting the MP-3 mould, the Ronald McDonald colour scheme, the pop-off rear wings and display stand that just about allows Sunstorm to clip on (and then at an annoying angle), the inclusion of the Megatron clip with no Megatron, an all 'Yellow Bastard' Dr Arkeville...he's absolutely lovely. I actually find transforming Sunstorm far less frustrating and more enjoyable, repeatable etc than Starscream or Thundercracker. I don't know if it's the improved moulding (assuming there is some, feels like it) or that he was so dirt cheap in comparison, but it's a fact. I've already transformed him more than the other two combined. Nice that he comes with the MP-3 style missiles too. It has reminded me how much I love the MP-11 mould and how MP Skywarp will be worth the outlay even if it is just another repaint of something I own 3 times already now. Also, he's G1 toon accurate!

All the best

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