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Monday, 15 December 2014

Hello Goodbye - Update!

Just a quick note to inform all readers that the Hello Goodbye sales/trades page on this blog has been updated, a few items have been added like a broken and used, but boxed, Finnish Microman Browning (only the 3rd one ever seen!), as well as a black Spanish G1 KO Windcharger from Gisima (pictured above). I have also removed the Animated lot which sold on eBay, as well as marking the Diaclone Police Sideswipe as sold. I am still undecided if it is the right thing to do to advertise the price at which things have sold, but it does provide justification for my asking prices when some have expressed disbelief or cynicism. I certainly won't be mentioning the names of buyers, that amount of discretion I can be relied upon to uphold.

I will soon be adding a Diaclone 'Blue Trailbreaker' in very nice loose shape, as well as a BadCube Brawny and Outback + Quint Journal set, expect further updates!

All the best

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