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Monday, 5 May 2014

Peruvian "Red/Yellow" and "Blue/Yellow "Huffer


Peruvian G1 minibot variants were released by Lynsa and are regarded as some of the rarest licensed G1 variants in the world. High three figure values are not beyond the realms of possibility, depending on the figure and condition. There was apparently a case find of sealed Peruvian Huffers in the last 2 years because a few of these found their way into the marketplace. What you see above is a sealed (barely!) red and yellow variant Huffer. He was available in blue/yellow and peach/yellow as well in Peru, the latter being the least found colour scheme to date.

Peruvian "Red/Yellow Huffer" by Lynsa

Definitely licensed and on proper Transformers cards with Spanish text, finding Lynsa minibots carded was a thing of fantasy just 3 or 4 years ago. Then this Huffer find was made, and probably 4 have been sold on eBay and privately  in red and yellow, maybe half that in blue/yellow sealed too. While the one you see here was sealed and unpunched, the bubble was heavily cracked and dirt had filled the inside, no doubt a result of years of storage.

Lynsa Huffer card back

Lynsa logo

The Lynsa logo is visible on the card front and back where normally we would have a Hasbro logo or Robot Points. If I had to liken the packaging for the Lynsa minis to anything else, it would be the Mexican Plasticos Iga cards/boxes, there seems to be a reasonable amount in common between the two sets of releases.

Peruvian Lynsa "Blue/Yellow" Huffer

No chdome or symbols

Looking at the blue and yellow version of the same release, we can see that Peruvian minibots had no chrome stacks or parts of any description, and no Autobot logos either. That probably had far less to do with licensing issues and more to do with cost-cutting. If you look at the carded red Huffer, even that has no stickers at all.

Lovely red eyes

No less attractive for missing chrome

I can't honestly say that Peruvian minibots are as rare as we once considered them to be. It was hard to imagine seeing one on eBay when they first appeared, but you do see Lynsa auctions now and then as collectors slowly bring them out of Peru and into their own collections, as well as Peruvian sellers starting to use eBay. The most bizarre find so far has to be the cream/green Peruvian Brawn I found in a He-Man lot in Sweden.

Peruvian Huffer with Brazilian blue Sedan

South America had all sorts of mini variants

As the value of these minibots dawned on Peruvians, more owners and collectors were happy to auction them and part with childhood figures because of the obvious monetary rewards of supplying North American or European minibot specialists. The prices they go for even within Peru are quite eye-opening, the race to see who gets to offer it to eBay or privately outside Peru is a fierce one. In a way it's good because we see all sorts coming from there now, even a few of the highly cherished Peruvian Bumblebee and Cliffjumpers, but it seems the days of getting these for a bargain using an inside source are over. Everyone pays the price for them now.

Not AFA. It's just a case!
Much more on Peruvian Lynsa Huffer HERE

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