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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Kronoform Scorpia Quickie

I'm not yet into collecting Takara's transforming watches, or the North American pre-Transformers "Kronoform" or "Diakron" lines, although if I had the budget and other priorities sorted, I would be. There are so many outstanding-looking and under-documented toys in Diakron and Kronoform packaging that it's just the kind of thing I like to sink my teeth into. However, being a self-inflicted Ceji Joustra Diaclone completist I do have to have a few watches kicking about. I have all three wave 1 "Kronoform" watch robos in black, silver and gold. What I - and pretty much 99.9999% of pre-TF collectors -  don't have is the wave 2 Ceji Joustra Diaclone "Scorpion" watch. So I got the next best thing, the Kronoform version. 

Kronoform Scorpia

This delightful watch mould turns into a scorpion and apparently a "Star Cruiser", "Laser Defender", "Terrocruiser", "Mantis" and "Inspector Insector". Full and sympathetic credit must be given to the poor sod who was charged with inventing those 5 new modes for what Takara originally sold in Japan as a watch that turned into a scorpion. It was part of the Takara Watch-Q line. Across the different releases of the mould, it is possible to get this item in gold, silver, and a sort of gunmetal grey. I think. Definitely gold and silver.

So, why did I go for the Kronoform one? Because I believe it is the *exact* same item, even down to the paperwork and yellow cardboard insert, that was released in Ceji Joustra Diaclone packaging. No other version of the Scorpion watch comes carded on this yellow backer apart from Kronoform and Ceji Joustra Diaclone. The Ceji Joustra Diaclone even says "Kronoform" on the watch face like this one. All others say "SCORPION" under the digital display, unless you have the G2 Transformers version.

"Kronoform" instead of "Scorpion"

That paperwork literally fell out the box, was taped to the back of the insert

It wouldn't be the first time Takara packaged the exact same thing in both Ceji Joustra Diaclone and Kronoform/Diakron packaging. Other examples include Multiforce14, the Watch Robos, Cosmo Roller, Diatrain and Powerdashers, often later run Macau-manufactured instead of Japan manufactured like the Japanese stuff. The Ceji Joustra Diaclone Watch Robos "Kronoform" (toy actually named after the American line) came with US paperwork advertising Penny Racers on the back.

So, as I believe I've got the toy and paperwork sorted, all I need is a Ceji Joustra Diaclone wave 2 "Scorpion" card and I'm all set. The fact that only one has been seen in the last decade and a half doesn't put me off at all. Not. At . All. Nope. This watch is normally displayed with my wave 2 Ceji Joustra Diaclones out of package, but until I get that correct card, it will never feel completely right.

All the best

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