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Saturday, 24 May 2014

New Arrivals - 22 May 2014

New toys! Holy crap! OK, I had to wait for an absolute bargain basement sale from Masterforce, a $5 bit of merchandise and a brilliantly cheap G1 junker lot from France, but here they are, actual new additions to my collection. The above junker lot cost more to ship from France than the auction end price, contained Turbomasters, Micromasters, Action Masters and KOs. Absolutely not my cup of tea. More on that later.

TF Animated Sentinel Prime

I could not refuse at £5.99, a sealed Transformers Animated toy that I had never owned (which could be said about most of them beyond wave 1), a hugely recognisable character from the cartoon dripping with personality. I don't have an Animated collection any more, just deluxe Bumblebee and voyager Starscream that were kept for sentimental reasons, and yet here's Sentinel Prime. Rest easy, he's since been opened and enjoyed, but that post can wait. 

Lenticular G1 Ravage wallet

I bought this because:
  • I have the lenticular Sunstreaker wallet
  • It was $5
  • It's a lenticular G1 Ravage wallet
This gets its own post later, which was always going to happen with so few toys coming in and the rate I burned through my old collection photographs. Going back to the junker lot at the head of the article, though, what could that possibly have achieved? Why divert 31 Euros of possible funds for MMC Leo Dux? Oh. Nothing really...

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  1. Told you man... that light piping blazes like the sun...