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Saturday, 24 May 2014

G1 Ravage Lenticular Wallet

There's very little in the way of merchandise that I have chosen to keep throughout my Transformers collecting adventure, once the novelty has worn off it's just an item in storage that cannot be displayed with any real purpose with my figures in a Detolf where space is at a premium. One thing I have wanted for a couple of years now since learning about it, was a vintage G1 Ravage lenticular wallet. Why did I want it? Because I have the Sunstreaker/Yellow Sideswipe lenticular wallet from the same set, and that says a lot about how I've gone about my collecting down the years.

Empty, like all Transfans' wallets

There's nothing too fancy on the inside, clearly I didn't buy it to use it...although I did wear that Joustra Kronoform Watch Robo for a few weeks until I got sick of it flying off its strap whenever I waved my arm. Picking up a 30-year old pre-Transformers toy from the middle of my local high street is not something I wish to repeat.

Also I was wrong, they aren't exactly from the same set or even the same year. They don't share the same background, and the lenticular feature on the Ravage wallet does not feature his cassette mode, just the Transformers logo. The Sunstreaker/Tigertrack wallet (of great significance!) actually flicks between modes, even if the car mode is Sideswipe's, it's far more interesting and impressive. Also a slightly different shape.

Still, five bucks.

All the best

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