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Wednesday 1 October 2014

FT-05 Soar - Matte Wings Pictorial

Another FansToys FT-05 pictorial, this time both modes but using the matte silver wings instead of the blinding chrome 'blings'. We'll start off with the fully matte wings, and then what we'll do is change one wing to shiny chrome and you can see the comparison on the figure and decide what you like best. Removal of the wings is very simple, three screws and the top holding panel comes off, then you slot out the undesired wing type, replace with desired wing type, then place the top panel back on and replace the three screws. Literally as easy as you could want. I still think it;s such a shame they didn't send me the clear beak to review, I was quite looking forward to it. So let's begin with fully matte wings. 

Now half matte, half bling. My, what an impressive blingspan!

Wings up close:

And for a real laugh, here are a couple of awful videos (finally after we got the orientation on the iPhone right and it wasn't all upside down) allaying fears of loose and floppy legs in both modes. Tight as anything on this sample Soar as long as they are transformed correctly. Incidentally, I mentioned how seriously stiff the knees were, after that first transformation they are so so much better. Transformation of this toy is simple and a joy. Utter masterpiece.

A video reviewer, I am not. And yes, I have hairy arms.

All the best


  1. very nice, think i'll keep the chrome wings to match scoria though

  2. Yes, sir. You have made the correct choice.