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Saturday 4 October 2014

FT-05 Soar - Comparison with Diaclone and WST "Swoop"

This will be an incredibly short pictorial just comparing the FansToys FT-05 Soar test shot with the Takara Diaclone Dinosaur Robo No.5 Pterandon (Diaclone Swoop) and the World's Smallest TF Swoop from Justitoys, the latter both courtesy of the very kind Ben "Swoop" Hazard, a UK Transfan with a passing interest in this figure... 

First thing to notice here is that the blue on the chest has not been colour-matched with an original Diaclone, but more likely animation colours from the G1 cartoon and Movie if at all, because clearly the FT and the Diaclone differ. The colour of the gold chrome has come up a lot online too, with collectors noticing that the deeper richer gold chrome on Soar's beak, missiles and dino feet do not match MP Grimlock or FansToy's FT-04 Scoria (Not Slag). It also does not match the much lighter yellowy gold of the Diaclone and subsequent WST Swoops. Other than that, they're pretty damn good looking together, wouldn't you say? Up close, sections of the blue on Soar and lovely and sparkly, as are sections of his grey plastic like the shoulders and lower legs. Chrome wings for this photoshoot, naturally.

That will probably be it for images of Soar now from me, as I have plenty to use in the TFSource article on Tuesday, and shall be returning this marvel as soon as the article is online. Then I sit and wait like everyone else for my production version!

And yes, I know the Diaclone figure's legs have been mis-transformed with the black knees left un-compressed, but when you borrow a friend's $2000 Diaclone original and plastic sections pose great resistance, you do not force the issue. Any issue.

All the best

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