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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

FOC Soundwave - Clear Test Shot Pictorial

Shopping online on Chinese websites is very dangerous indeed. I've started buying KOs and test shots of moulds I like, mercifully there aren't all that many modern moulds I'd go full metal completist on. One of the ones I am extremely partial towards outside of Animated is the Fall of Cybertron Soundwave/Blaster/Soundblaster sculpt, so the chance to get an all clear test shot - or possibly even a lunchtime special (I can't tell, but source was trustworthy) - was unmissable. The fact that it came with a clear data disc Laserbeak that allowed me to add to the growing collection of these amazing little things sealed the deal. I finally found a figure that could be effectively shot against my black background with my limited photo equipment and skills, so I hope you enjoy these shots of ghost Soundwave!

This is an extremely beautiful figure in hand, I have always had a soft spot for clear figures and the completely crystal appearance of the player and disc here are mesmerising. Shooting against a white background as I normally do did not bring out any of the sample's finer crystal details. Quality of moulding is top notch and every bit as good as the production versions of Soundwave, Blaster and Soundblaster, although it should be said that the Laserbeak didn't fully flip open, reminiscent of the super-cheap factory reject data discs that Lena sells on eBay.

It actually adds hugely to the look of this sample/proto/whatever that there are white plastic sections as a completely clear product may not have had such a nice contrast, and the crystal sections would not have stood out as much. This is such a wonderful item that it's made me want to chase down other clear samples of toys I don't even like that much. Being able to produce these photographs has been the highlight of the purchase. Seriously, without photography, blogging and article writing, I'm not sure the hobby would hold enough interest for me. So yay for finding ways of making one's collection relevant and interesting beyond amassing plastic and emptying bank accounts!

All the best

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