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Wednesday 23 April 2014

"Pitfalls" Article for TFSource Blog

Tuesday night means Source Blog article night, and for the first time in a while I didn't have anything lined up, so I decided to go with an idea for an article I'd had for a few weeks. Pitfalls, all the bad habits a collector like me has probably fallen into over the years. You can read it HERE

I've seen the same behaviour in other collectors too, so it's not just a personal piece, but an observational thing. The picture I've chosen for this post says a lot about me and the article itself.  Also, when writing it I really thought I was doing myself a disservice with the quality. It came out fast, I used a lot of recycled and frankly irrelevant pictures - or at least that's how it felt. Basically, not one of my proudest moment as a TF article writer. I do wonder how many of those pitfalls I can display trophies for!

Some of the TF forums out there are quite hostile and unforgiving, but I usually get a great reception and supportive, constructive comments at TFW2005 so I have only promoted it there and among my friends on Facebook and Twitter. Proper cowardly stuff! Having said that, some of the first few comments have been immensely encouraging and it reminds me that I really have no idea what people will or will not like and connect to.

Easy Tigers

"Beatiful article. It spoke to me.. It did." - TFW user spartan_3764

"Great article as always. Very thoughtful" - TFW user Dean_ML

"Just a near perfect article Maz. It astonishes me how well you can capture what a fandom goes through on a daily basis. You are an asset to this community. " - TFW user StayingInTheBox

A very kind thanks to the above for really making my night, I did not expect that type of praise at all. If the three of you have enjoyed it that much, it was worth every second of the work. Thank you.

All the best

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