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Tuesday 29 April 2014

My Daughter's First Decepticons

Apparently my sweet and innocent little sweetheart did "not have enough Decepticons", so the corrupting influence otherwise known as Morg has attempted to balance the fight against my daughter's growing Autobot ranks. Seeing Transformers products through the eyes of a young child has certainly opened my mind, as the Fall of Cybertron Data Disks would never have registered on my radar had Morg not kindly gifted them to my girl. 

FoC Data Disks Frenzy and Ratbat

Sure they look attractive, but they're new. Neeeeeeeeeeeeew. Rhymes with eeeewwwwwwww. I'm not really that close-minded, I've actually always done my best to embrace new toy lines, but there's no doubt I would never have looked at these myself. But then, they're not for me, are they?

Frenzy, Ratbat and BotCon 2002 exclusive keychain "Glyph"

Transformers really are awesome childrens' toys

In addition to the surprise Decepticon invasion and blemishing of Pooky's (that's a nickname by the way, we didn't name her that, the questions need to stop) Autobot collective, I finally found a well-priced sealed BotCon 2002 exclusive keychain "Glyph", a blue Bumblebee repaint from Fun4All. Unfortunately, there is a chunk of paint missing from his face, and it came out of a sealed bag that way. Apparently some Tap-Outs have no facial paint application at all. Good one, Fun4All.

My decision to only give my daughter untouched sealed toys was justified today when I had to repair her keychain Cliffjumper with the extra opened one I had, since she scraped the Autobot symbol off hers. Turns out something had crawled into the inner leg of my Cliffy keychain, spun some kind of nest or web then proceeded to die. The high-pitched shriek was mine, not my daughter's.

Pooky's complete set of convention exclusive keychain minibots now has a mighty impressive collection of Fun4All minibot keychains and even the three convention exclusives Glyph, Tap-Out and Rook. Her favourite remains Bumblebee and she's already cast longing glances the way of my deluxe TF Animated "Big Bumblebee". 

This is getting serious now

Didn't you hear? Brawn is dead

These minibots, and also those Data Disks are fantastic toys for her, she can even transform the Bumblebee/Cliffy mould with instructions and demonstrations now, which is brilliant. The Disks of course require a solid slap - a skill she excels at - and are visually very appealing to a child, fantastic little things. Both my wife and I have taken a shine to them. And yes, I'm looking around for the other ones now. Interestingly, she's least interested in the G1 Hot Rod I bought for her. One thing she isn't, is me. 

Thank goodness.

Yeah, she 'adopted' Prime too.

All the best


  1. the data discs are plentiful here lol. clogging up the shelves and being all warming and stuff

    1. Are you volunteering? :D

      All the best

  2. ive got the data discs, my least favourite is ravage, he sucks.