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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Never Buy-Back

Tonight's TFSource Blog article is about toys I have sold over the years that I have regretted, and given the opportunity (read: funds) would buy back again to correct those mistakes. That's just gone live HERE. This post, however, is about the toys I don't regret selling, not because they were at all bad, just that I am glad they've moved on having been enjoyed at the time.

Movie 2007 deluxe, voyager and Fast Action Battler figures

Autobot Jazz, Starscream and Frenzy

Now I should make it clear that I really liked the 2007 Michael Bay Transformers movie, I was able to enjoy it for exactly what it was. The toys I collected, I did so because I bought into the whole premise of the film and its universe. I parked my brain at the door and enjoyed beautifully-created alien robots with names the same as my heroes. This post features 99% Movie 2007 toys but not because they were rubbish, just because I am glad I did not choose to pursue that line of collecting.

Barricade madness

Bumblebee madness

I tend to amass variants of the same character and mould, and doing this with the Movie 2007 line started off simple enough, then it got out of hand with fast-food children's toys, merchandise, repeat releases and variant packaging, premium editions etc. Before I knew it I had more movie toys than pre-TFs (supposedly my main area of interest at the time). I'll never forget the fervour with which people dived into buying multiples of the Concept Camaro Bumblebee that went from being massively desirable and rare to shelf-warming everywhere in my vicinity.

This was actually a great set

My wife still has one of these

Then came the giftsets and package variants, and we got a load in the UK that were difficult to find abroad. They took up so much damn space but that uniform packaging and giftset format was irresistible. My favourite was the Jazz - Brawl - Protoform Prime set which was a Woolworths (RIP) exclusive, I must admit to buying a number of those and selling them on abroad. There came a point around where I was buying Movie Megatron-themed jelly sweets in little metal containers and dragging home six foot store displays along crowded high streets to bemused stares that I called it a day and abandoned Movie stuff. 

Woolworths 3-pack

Radio Shack exclusive I/R Micros and store display 

The Human Alliance toys from ROTF era are all that remain, and those are the very best representations of the Movie characters to date, barring ROTF Leader Optimus. Which I never owned because I already had 2007 Prime. And Nightwatch Prime. And Legends Prime, and oversized KO Legends Prime, and Radio Shack exclusive I/R Micro Prime, and my BotCon 2007 Movie Prime hotel keycard (were you one of those nutters trading them for the full set, too?).

One of many Movie giftsets

I was young and stupid

Eventually, of course, all that Movie 2007 stuff went, with some of it never having been opened. I had bought a lot of my first wave Movie 2007 stuff in the US on release and shipped it to the UK because it still worked out cheaper than buying at UK retail prices.

Now being enjoyed somewhere in China

So were they rubbish toys? No, not at all and I enjoyed my Movie display thoroughly, but I don't miss it in the slightest, not like I miss my TF Animated, Alternators, prototypes, G1 variants, Mexican TFs, Diaclones and Ceji Transformers. 

A&L Metals Transform Binaltech knockoffs from China, though, despite the fun colours I enjoyed reviewing? They were a steaming pile of crap. THOSE I really don't miss. At all.

Good riddance, Yellow Sideswipe wannabe

All the best


  1. I don't regret getting rid of my 07 toys either, I actually gave them (a full suitcase) to my nephews in Guatemala, the look on their faces was more than enough to cover however much I spent on them lol

    1. Good man, that's a quality act of kindness rewarded int he best possible way.

      All the best