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Wednesday 19 March 2014

New Arrivals - 17 March 2014


To have new Transformers purchases arrive in "No Transformers March" required the answering of a few awkward questions at home, but the fact is these were bought in January and Celga only just got to a point with me that I could request and actually pay for shipping. Quite why one boxed Valkyrie and what I thought would be a tiny A5-sized poster couldn't be sent small packet I don't know. And then I saw the poster in-hand...

GT Maximus and Hiiro poster/calendar

Transformers GT is something I supported hugely throughout its life, bought every figure, even the exclusive Legends-class race day giveaway, the magazine featuring the manga and any poster/promo I could get my hands on. This rather large poster of GT-04 Maximus and his GT Sister partner Hiiro was a December 2013 mini-calendar, that actually is not all that mini. I'm still so annoyed at missing out on a Super GT season race calendar featuring artwork from all 4 TFGT characters and Sisters, one day...

Reissue Bandai 1/55 VF-1J Hikaru

With tampos!

My one year Macross project has ground to a halt thanks to my decision to stop buying toys for March in order to see its general effect on finances. Therefore, even though I've been waiting over 2 months for this 2002 reissue Bandai Hikaru VF-1J to arrive, a March receipt was most welcomed. In a strange mirror situation to Transformers reissues, this release improves upon the original (of which I have two). We have beautiful tampographs instead of peeling water-slide decals, a distinct lack of discolouration (although I have seen badly yellowed reissues!), fully functional landing gear and better general tightness and build quality. 

There's a 2008 Origin Of Valkyrie reissue of the same figure that's quite a bit more difficult and expensive to get which has even more tampos and a removable canopy/heat-shield. These are just so impressive, I must have them all. That's the project, and I still have 9 months.

Still haven't opened Masterpiece G2 Lambor.

First reissue

All the best

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