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Monday 1 June 2020

The Great Cybertronian Write Off - Weeks 7, 8 & 9

It's been a few weeks, but the Great Cybertronian Write Off has not slowed down! Week 9 has just finished and myself, Sixo, Toybox Soapbox and tikgnat are over halfway into 1985's entries. For anyone unfamiliar with #GCWO, it was an idea we had to put out daily G1 Transformers reviews, accompanied by photos, all presented in the style of a poster with vintage Euro and UK Hasbro design elements. We did it to give fans something small to look forward to daily while they were potentially stuck at home for an indefinite period of time.

In the three weeks since my last weekly summary, the GCWO has covered the Omnibots, 1985's Triple Changers, Insecticons, Deluxe Insecticons, all the Autobot cars, and started on the Constructicons and '85 minis.

Toybox Soapbox had a short break where Sixo and I covered the duties, but he's fought himself back onto schedule and it's business as usual heading into Week 10, and somewhere in the mix we passed 50 days of GCWO entries! So here's what we covered in Weeks 7,8 and 9:

Camshaft @sixotf
- Astrotrain @tfsquareone
- Venom @sixotf
- Red Alert @tfsquareone
- Ransack @sixotf
- Blitzwing @tfsquareone
- Inferno @sixotf
- Bombshell @toyboxsoapbox
- Grapple @toyboxsoapbox
- Scrapper @tfsquareone
- Shrapnel @toyboxsoapbox
- Hoist @toyboxsoapbox
- Chop Shop @sixotf
- Kickback @toyboxsoapbox
- Powerglide @toyboxsoapbox
- Scavenger @tfsquareone
- Beachcomber @toyboxsoapbox
- Cosmos @toyboxsoapbox
- Barrage @sixotf
- Bonecrusher @tfsquareone
- Warpath @toyboxsoapbox

And here are the full-size versions of my entries:

Day 39 - Astrotrain

Day 41 - Red Alert

Day 43 - Blitzwing

Day 47 - Scrapper

Day 53 - Scavenger

Day 57 - Bonecrusher

So, with the three of us contributing regularly to the Great Cybertronian Write Off again, we speed towards the end of 1985, with some seriously big hitters remaining to be covered. Of course, from my last three entries you can tell where my contribution to the rest of the 85 gang is headed, but if you know your '85, you know the other lads have some special entries to come. If I recall correctly, one of us is quite the Jurassic Park enthusiast...

Unfortunately, as tikgnat has been busy destroying MASK toys in peroxide-flooded tubs outside in his garden, or running the third iteration of his Transformers Top Trumps racket, there are no other GCWO-styled vintage paperwork images to share with you, but I assure you we'll straighten him out yet.

Until next time, stay safe, and follow #GCWO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

All the best

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  1. Hi. I am hoping you can help me identify a part. I have found a G1 whirl accessory that I think is from a pre-transformer line. It is the paralyzo box, but it is white. I know the gazette has one in gray. I can't find out where the white one comes from. Thank you!