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Thursday 30 April 2020

The Great Cybertronian Write Off - Weeks 4 & 5

Accept no cheap fan-made imitations, only expertly and lovingly-made fan made imitations! The Great Cybertronian Write Off has now completed four-and-a-bit weeks of daily G1 Transformers photo, review and nostalgia poster-style entries in the style of old UK and Euro G1 paperwork, courtesy of myself, Sixo, Toybox Soapbox and tikgnat! It may seem like a strange point to do a summary, but having completed my own contributions in Week 4, the other two writer/photographers stuck in two more entries to round out all of the 1984 series of #GCWO posts, and yes, that is a hashtag you can - and should - be following on social media to make sure you don't miss any entry in this hyper-crossover!

I was privileged enough to have three outstanding G1 Transformers to write about in Week 4, but my GCWO co-contributors got some gems as well, so here's the full list for Week 4 and the tiny bit of Week 5 we needed to close out the main bulk of 1984:

- Sunstreaker @tfsquareone
- Cliffjumper @sixotf
- Gears @toyboxsoapbox
- Jetfire @tfsquareone
- Bumper @sixotf
- Brawn @toyboxsoapbox
- Shockwave @tfsquareone
- Windcharger @sixotf
- Huffer @toyboxsoapbox

And here are the full-size versions of my entries:

Day 22 - Sunstreaker

Day 25 - Jetfire

Day 28 - Shockwave

For full-size versions of the other days in Weeks 4 and 5, check out the full blog posts for Days 23, 26 and 29 by Sixo as well as Days 24, 27 and 30 by Toybox Soapbox. The latter features an awesome summary of the entire Great Cybertronian Write Off journey so far!

I would also like to direct your attention to the picture at the top of this article, where tikgnat used Brazilian release Estrela "Sedan" artwork contributed kindly by Ronen Kauffmann to create a pre-rub, vintage-style Bumper cardback with some sneaky #GCWO branding! Bumper did not have his own card art in 1984, he was of course released by Hasbro exclusively on Cliffjumper cards. Only the Estrela release had individual artwork. It's this kind of design brilliance that has added greatly to the project and made it so thrilling to submit photos and words to tikgnat, only to receive the poster-style product back a short while later. Continuing thanks must also go to Botch The Crab for giving us the use of his amazingly collected box artwork and Transformers vintage paperwork scans on his website.

So, as this period of extended social distancing and home stay continues, and although some countries are slowly relaxing their restrictions, the Great Cybertronian Write Off will return for 1985's run of spectacular G1 Transformers after a few days' break! Keep your eye on #GCWO on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to make sure you don't miss a single entry. Stay safe, everyone!

All the best

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