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Wednesday 13 May 2020

The Great Cybertronian Write Off - Week 6

After a short break, the Great Cybertronian Write Off returns for 1985's G1 Transformers entries! Myself, Sixo, Toybox Soapbox - with design by tikgnat - have been producing poster-style mini-reviews of G1 Transformers toys daily, with our own photographs, all stitched together and presented in the style of vintage UK and Euro G1 paperwork. Why? Well, in order to give Transformers fans a tiny little something to look forward to daily at a time when most of us are confined to quarters!

Having now completed the sixth week of entries, we are deep into 1985's astonishing range of toys and characters. I was once again extraordinarily privileged to be working with such talented folk that I respect so highly, but also very happy to selfishly have gotten to do some of 1985's finest toys for my entries!

The mega-crossover between the photographer/writers did start off with just Sixo and I posting for Week 6 (and also 7) but Toybox Soapbox will be back on schedule as of Week 8, so look forward to that! Here's what we covered in Week 6:

- Ramjet @tfsquareone
- Downshift @sixotf
- Dirge @tfsquareone
- Overdrive @sixotf
- Smokescreen @tfsquareone
- Thrust @sixotf
- Tracks @tfsquareone

And here are the full-size versions of my entries:

Day 31 - Ramjet

Day 33 - Dirge

Day 35 - Smokescreen

Day 37 - Tracks

I mean, was there ever a chance I was not going to be responsible for doing Dirge's entry? I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to include European variants for Ramjet and Dirge, and then pristine reissues for Tracks and Smokescreen where I had written articles about their stickers here on this blog. For full size versions of the other days in Week 6, check out Sixo's blog for Days 32, 34 and 36.

Once again, I would like to direct your attention to the picture at the top of this article, where tikgnat used Brazilian release Estrela "Sedan" artwork contributed kindly by Ronen Kauffmann and the tech spec image of the same toy contributed by Corey Bulpitt to create a vintage-style Bumper tech spec! This was done using a translation of the printed Portuguese tech spec as well as some other influences for the text and stats. Continuing thanks must also go to Botch The Crab for giving us the use of his amazingly collected box artwork and Transformers vintage paperwork scans on his website.

Keep your eye on #GCWO across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as we continue to bring you daily hits of G1 photos, reviews and heavy nostalgia! Stay safe, everyone.

All the best

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