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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Masterpiece FrostRod - From MP-9B Black Rodimus Convoy

Who's that bot? I've been teasing this for the last week on social media, and cheekily dropping him into articles and collection display photos without any explanation for months longer. This is the mystery TakaraTomy Transformers MP-9 Rodimus Convoy in funky colours, based on a G1 Transformers Hot Rod in similarly funky colours. I still get asked about that silver G1 Hot Rod, and have started answering questions in a cryptic manner about this MP-9 as well. Time to come clean, right?

Above are the teaser images I have been posting on social media in the last week, and seeing as how they all had "Coming Soon" or a date as the tagline, some mistakenly thought that it was an upcoming TakaraTomy Masterpiece reveal that I somehow had the scoop on. TFSource sharing the top image didn't help! Having recently gotten heavily into the synthwave/retrowave music scene, and being a child of all things Eighties, I took the opportunity to try my hand at some Photoshopping with colours and Tron-like retro lazer-grid backgrounds. The results, up close, are a little ham-fisted and amateur, but man did I have some fun doing them! 

Some theorised that it was a Shattered Glass MP-9 Rodimus, a "White Side Burn", even FansToys' version of Hot Rod. A few, however, remembered my old G1 Hot Rod custom "FrostRod" from about 15 years ago. I even wrote about him in my article on this blog about FrostRod and the Rubbish Customs

Now, the UK-based group of fans and collectors who I met up with regularly before I moved to Iceland, decided to gift and create for me some tremendous items for my send-off. Alongside a fantastic custom Powered Convoy DX/Goodbye Convoy themed card, a custom Titan Master Lockdown, a horrific Galvatron atrocity and Reveal the Shield Legends Browning, the highly talented 'Tuxedo' Mike Murray crafted me....

...Masterpiece MP-9F FrostRod!!

Painted up from a broken MP-9B Black Rodimus Convoy and re-animated with reproduction knees, FrostRod is reborn. The work that those guys have put into this custom will humble me forever, and when everything I own is passed to others or sold, he shall remain.

Soundtrack: "Soaring" - Kalax

This whole photo shoot came about as a result of me finally having the guts to transform the custom FrostRod into car mode for the first time. The process is hairy at the best of times with official TakaraTomy and Hasbro MP-9, let alone a customised specimen. My Hasbro release is on its second set of knees and its 3rd and 4th ankles, and the Takara one has outer leg guards that will never stay attached fully. The added paint on this custom didn't make it any easier a process, there has been some rubbing and scratching...and a previous aborted attempt at transforming him did not inspire much confidence either.

Tuxedo Mike even painted the guns up to look weather and rusted, or frost-affected, and it just adds to his absolutely mesmerising looks. The turquoise highlights and silver feet of MP-9B Black Rodimus Convoy made him a natural fit for this custom MP FrostRod.

He still looks amazing in 'Frostimus Prime' configuration, but as yet I have not been able to convince the guys to paint up his trailer for me. Think of the paint rub!

Anyway, I've teased and waffled enough, here's the vehicle mode of my favourite Masterpiece of all. Enjoy it to the max, I doubt I'll be transforming him again!

Soundtrack: "Hardware Passion" - Waveshaper

And with his brethren:

My unending thanks to all the Pub(e)Con crew for getting FrostRod to the point of being a Masterpiece, and for the best going away present I could ever have imagined.

Keep it cool, folks!

All the best

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