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Wednesday 17 June 2015

DX9 D06 Carry (Rodimus Prime) Test Shot Pictorial

Here is a long pictorial of a 3rd party Rodimus Prime, inspired by Studio Ox designs and aimed at Masterpiece scaled figures. It's "Carry" from DX-9, designated D06. Full review on TFSource Blog tomorrow night, but for now, enjoy the combination of a wonderful figure and a better camera than before.

All the best


  1. That wing had been looking ridiculously gargantuan everytime I saw it... in fact it was my only complaint as the engineering is pretty incredible(looking) and the rest looked great as well. Now looking at these pics, that wing doesnt look so bad. Its still a bit larger than I would like, but not ridiculously so anymore.

    1. Definitely not ridiculous, and in-hand even less so! My only gripe now is that no yellow wing is visible in vehicle mode, I would even have accepted a false one that didn't transform or integrate into the robot mode, just so the vehicle mode could look complete.

      All the best