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Thursday, 21 May 2015

TFCC Circuit

Transformers Collector's Club "Circuit" is a repaint of the Revenge Of The Fallen deluxe figure "Axor", itself a slight remould of the ROTF Lockdown. This is one of the finest deluxe class Transformers sculpts in history, and while nothing rocks it harder than the Lockdown, Circuit is gorgeous, gaudy and the last Club figure I wanted for my collection. For now.

Released in 2013 as part of the TFCC Series 1.0 selection, a full 3 years after the Axor version of the mould, TFCC Circuit comes in the standard club mailer box with the foam insert. The paperwork has some interesting features, with the instructions indicating it is an "Adult collectible", not for children. Also, the last image on the instruction sheet shows Circuit's head with Lockdown's hook instead of this mould's harpoon. Some very swish artwork on the larger collector's file card helps elevate releases like this above the early samples you can get from Asia.

I can't explain it, you need to see this thing in person to understand. The colours are faithful to the 90s Action Master Circuit upon which this toy is based (the original Action Master was a repaint of Action Master Axer too), and the mould is delicious, but something about all that yellow in specific places, the turquoise wheels and dollops of gaudy paint here and there made me think it was one to skip. Seeing one in hand changed all that, and I've even moved past wanting to get a repainted ROTF Lockdown head to stick on it. I really am beginning to think it doesn't matter what colours Hasbro put on this mould, the result's going to be phenomenal.

Robot mode is no exception, the proportions in certain poses are unbelievably nice, and those huge spiked feet are still impressive. The colours somehow make even more sense in robot mode and the robot head doesn't seem as mis-proportioned in these colours as they do on Axor, mysteriously so. I was certain I'd ask Steve-o to repaint me a ROTF Lockdown head in yellow, I still might, but this head really suits Circuit in this body. One thing that is a shame, is how the spikes on the roof have obviously dug through the top flap of the mailer box and left a significant amount of paint on it, evident also from the tips of the spikes on the toy exhibiting paint wear. It's almost as if - to quote Sgt Epps - "Freddy Krueger been up in here".

While Lockdown, Axor and Circuit all have the rubber hand and weapon, not ideal really on such an otherwise magnificent toy, they also have the most articulated neck in Transformers history and posability that can make the most of it. Even with the strange knees. 

Circuit marks the last TFCC exclusive repaint available (that I needed) for what I consider to be the best deluxe Transformers ever released. Animated Blurr got Cheetor, Animated Jazz got Jackpot, Prime Wheeljack got Chromedome, Beast Hunters Smokescreen got Barricade and now ROTF Lockdown has Circuit. 

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  1. Tch, one careless moment, and this is how G2 gets into your soul.

    Never say yes to neon! One slip is all it takes!

    *goes back to dancing in the strobelight, knowing that one will join us....*

    1. Haha my flirtation with the green and pink G2 Mirage was plenty, thanks :D