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Thursday, 7 May 2015

MakeToys Utopia - Ship Mode Pictorial

Moving onto the ship mode of MakeToys Utopia, I am struck again by how enormous this figure is. 55 cm long according to the packaging in this mode, the transformation is absolutely perfect for a toy of this size, just enough complexity to make it more than a leg-bending exercise but quick enough to allow you to appreciate the quality that has gone into its construction and design. I am truly so impressed. SO here he is in ship mode, something the original Metroplex didn't have, but IDW inspired Titans carrying the Knights Of Cybertron have been shown to have in comics.

And here is my attempt at making Utopia's 'ship' mode better resemble G1 Metroplex's battle station mode, sadly there is no way to attach the gigantic red guns to the legs like the G1. It's a real shame, that is one of the most iconic basebot looks around. Still, it does the job and he looks more retro-plex.

Those honking great guns of his have an opening cockpit for the small figurines that come with the package. Know what else fits in there? Enjoy, as Takara always intended...

And because his robot mode is so phenomenally delicious, I'll close this out with a handful more images of Utopia in his titanic behemoth figure mode.

All the best

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