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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

MP-18S Silverstreak Pictorial

This one almost came and went without a squeak, but I finally got it in front of the camera as it deserves, because frankly, it's probably the nicest of the Fairlady Masterpiece Transformers so far. MP-18S Silverstreak from the 2014 Tokyo Toy Show - or HE WHO IS NOT BLUE - was released in G1 (and GiG Trasformer) all silver colours. It was supposed to be intensely boring and a completely wasted release. As it turns out, it's the height of classy, utterly beautiful and when I saw the first reveals by designer Shogo Hasui on twitter it was insta-bought. Still the best masterpiece headsculpt too. Enjoy!

Full article and some more photographs tomorrow night on TFSource Blog!

All the best


  1. Oh yeah! I love my Silverstreak! That silver just pops.

    1. Absolutely has to be seen in hand to be fully appreciated, but even TFYuki's tweeted pics were all the impetus I needed to put the money down.

      All the best