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Saturday, 13 September 2014

FansToys Scoria Pictorial

FansToys rocked the world with FT-03 Quakewave, which at the time was widely accepted to be the best 3rd Party product available to collectors. Then they announced their range of Dinobot homages, the "Iron Dibots" series starting with FT-04 Scoria who would be Slag. Cartoon accuracy was chosen instead of toy accuracy and thus we had swathes of chrome and a red robot face to choose from over a silver face. Toy coloured Scoria will be out in due course. I reviewed Scoria in depth for TFSource Blog a couple of months back, but it still stands as my favourite acquisition of the whole year and sits closest to me on my home desk every day of the week since it arrived. Here's the pictorial using larger pictures than seen on the Source Article.

Has a tongue

But no neck.

I love the dino mode, I love the transformation, I love the chrome and the tail mechanism. I love the posability and more than anything I love how utterly perfect and RIGHT Scoria looks with Masterpiece Grimlock. There's no doubting that the side profile of dinosaur mode is the weakest way to display the alt mode but rotate it just a tiny bit and immediately it's perfect. Just look at all the other pictures for proof.

He really does look magnificent with Grimlock. Plenty of iconic scenes from the 1986 Movie and series 1 & 2 of the cartoon are possible. Now robot mode with the default red head and silver face, which has actually only ever been seen on Canadian G1 Red Slag and a handful of GiG pre-TF Dinosaur Robo Triceratops...

Not all of them come with bad shoulders

One of the few toys who can point a sword

I like the backpack solution

Definitely got good shoulders

G1 posability and lower leg solution

Still haven't tried electronics

The downsides for this figure really revolve around how he can't hold his sword and gun perfectly, the hilt orientation seems to be the main issue there, and you have to rest his thumb down against his wrist to fit the gun in snugly. Looks amazing though, either way. Now with cartoon accurate red face...

Yep, good shoulders

With shouty face

With Grimlock...

Some details up close and the paperwork/accessories:

Grimlock's boosters and platforms

Truly a wonderful figure that is slowly but surely disappearing from sale. Now the shoulder fix is being sent out from retailers, there should hopefully be even less reason for folks to move this toy along. There will be a toy accurate version, but I massively prefer the idea of a show accurate Masterpiece philosophy, and so this is the one for me. It just has not stopped being a stunner, while other toys' new item shine has long worn off.

All the best

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