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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Burnout - Hi Res Gallery

This week on TFSource Blog I published an article called Burnout, exploring the causes of collecting fatigue and general disillusionment with Transformers buying and the community. Having not received or bought much in the way of new toys recently, I'm having to get creative with article topics and even moreso with the photography. Thanks to my daughter's toys making for great Masterpiece accessories, I came up with a few images I can be proud of where the figures are demonstrating exhaustion, sadness and negativity. Here's the high resolution gallery of those same images. Enjoy!

All the best


  1. Another bunch of sharp photos. Very expressive too ! Must steal some Duplo from my daughter… ��
    I feel a bit sorry for your actual “exhaustion” as your definitely one of those who spread enthusiasm and knowledge and make this hobby more than just collecting toys. But like I already said in the thread I understand your mood. I guess it’s the case in any subject when we invest a fair amount of time (and money). And it's tough to feed sites weekly (had a little blog with 3 mates some time ago).
    Sometimes a break helps to appreciate what we get and have already achieve. And even if I’m not a regular nor a “real” person (wish I could have some friends that are either interested in TF or just geographically near me to have some beers like you all do), I still enjoy the global share in the thread.
    Hope to see you back soon !

    1. Hi Papy!

      Thank you so much for the kind words, and yes, steal the Duplo and the small doll accessories haha!

      My exhaustion is primarily from lack of funds to buy the things I want to write about - whether it is vintage or new - and it has always had a similar effect on me, this is exacerbated by the need to sell things I would otherwise have loved to have kept.

      I would love to take a break from writing but at this moment, the income it generates is essential. It is the vicious circle of life haha!

      Take care dude, see you around and thanks again for the support and kind words always :)

      All the best

  2. Sorry for the late reply.
    Be assured that every comment is always sincere and not just to be kind.
    Maybe the main difficulty is to focus on the crews we like the most and stay strong when lovely photos and comments on the thread are just about to sell you a character that you aren't really fond of.
    That's actually why I'm on the fence to sell MT Cupola and Iron Will. They are really great figures and the characters are cool especially with their recent IDW touch (really late on reading for now though). But I realise I'm definitely more interested in the combiner teams as transforming figures which are (and must stay) their first purpose. So... Have to focus I guess :)